Belle Scar is the  music project of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, artist and producer Geeta. Originally from Montreal, she now lives in London U.K. She is influenced by cinematographic moods and grooves,  art, space, analogue  sounds, piano, strings, poetry, surrealism, humanity and dreams. 

With her wide vocal range and powerful live performances, Belle Scar carries along the audience to magical places. She’s an eccentric on stage, with her unique style of singing, playing and dancing. Every project she works, she dedicates her 100% on developing a whole dimension where visual and sound tells a mesmerising  tale. Inspired by artists such as David Bowie, Nick Cave, Ennio Morricone, Danny Elfman, Bjork, Grace Jones… She experiments with a wide range of instrumentations, arrangements to always create something new and exciting with acoustic, orchestrated and electronic sounds. For Belle Scar, music is not only a passion, it’s her way to survive in a strange and chaotic world, she works hard at creating something real, beautiful, sad, intense…an emotional journey. Her lyrics are poetic and raw. She speaks her heart out without filters.

She has collaborated with several international artists in music, cinema, multi-media and fashion. She participated at the Flux Exhibition at the Royal College of arts in London, The Glastonbury Festival U.K, NXNE Festival in Toronto, New Cinema Festival and International Literature Festival, The Fringe and Pop Montreal in Canada, Fields Emporda Festival in Costa Brava, Fringe Festival in Bath UK, Degeneration Festival in the Czech Republic as well as touring all over Europe since 2014. She has also produced and directed her own choir of 30 singers in Montreal. 

Belle Scar now fully focuses on producing her own shows with full line up of 10-14 musicians and choir. 

 Belle Scar is presently working on the production of her new album at Plastic Sound Studios in London with her partner in crime, producer, sound engineer and musician Marc Olivier which will be released at the end of 2022..