October 1st,  2022, ALBUM LAUNCH at Sadler's Wells

June 25th 2022, TOGFEST, UK (acoustic version)





February 27th, 2020, St Pancras Old Church London with full line up


September 14th, Get in her ears, Finsbury, London, UK


July 21 2018, Hastings Fringe Festival, UK


June 10th, Rivoli 59, Paris, France


June 1st, Alice tea wicked party Festival, Dorset, UK


May 19th, electro night charity show for homeless, The Gunners, London, UK


May 12th, Loud Woman, Hope and Anchor, London, UK


April 28th, Mutuo centro des Artes, Barcelona, 


April 14th, Alt Femme, Manchester, UK


March 17th, Anarchist Feminist party, Ugly Duck, London,UK


January 12th 2018, Mascara Bar, London, UK


December  13th, Visions of Dystopia, 93 Feet East, London, UK


November 25th, Substanz, Leipzig, Germany


November 24th, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany


November 23rd, Barkett, Berlin, Germany


October 21st, Stoke Newington Music Festival, London UK


September 24th,  V Feria de la Economía Solidaria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain


September 5th, Can Monroig, Inca, Mallorca, Spain


July 15 2017, Woman and War Festival, Streatham Hill Theatre, London UK


June 22nd 2017, Aces and Eight, London UK


June 21st 2017, Nambuca, London UK


October 1st-2nd, Tribe 16 Art Festival, Chrome Art event, Ugly Duck, London, UK


September 24th, Crisis Festival, Rivoli 59, Paris, France


July 9th Espai Llimera, Valencia, Spain


July 8th, Konvent, Berga, Spain


July 7th, NIU, Barcelona, Spain with Miss Q


July 2nd, Open Air Festival, Barcelona, Spain


July 1st, La Sonora de Gracia, Barcelona, Spain


July 1st, Ultra local records, acoustic set, Barcelona, Spain


June 4th-5th- Can Manroig,  acoustic set, Mallorca, Spain


June 3rd, Nude Tin Galery, Art event, London U.K


May 22nd, Lions Coffee and Record shop,acoustic set London, UK 5pm


May 17th, Blue's Kitchen, London U.K  10pm


December 6th, Flux Exhibition, Royal College of Arts, London


November 24th, The Garage, London


November 7th, Leeds (to be confirmed)


November 6th, Hope and Anchor, London,U.K


October 24th and 31st, electro fashion Halloween parties, London, U.K


October 23rd, Proud Camden, London, U.K


October 15th, Mr. Wolfs, Bristol, U.K


September 23rd, Album launch,The Social, London, U.K


September 15th, The Buzz, Paris, France


September 10th to 13th-  North Italian tour...Genoa, La Spezzia...


August 28-29th- Art wave Fields Emporda Festival, La Costa Brava, Spain 


August 7th- Dead or Alive presents at the Comedy, London U.K.


May 30th, Degenaration Festival, Brno, Czech Republic


April 18th, MAI, Montreal, Canada


April 17th, MAI, Montreal, Canada


April 16th, Live on CIBL radio fm, Montreal, Canada


March 20th, Hank's saloon, Brooklyn, New York, USA


March  18th, Bowery electric, New York, USA


December 19th, Nambucca, London, U.K


December 7th, Dublin Castle, London,U.K


November 27th, Underbelly, London, U.K


October 11th, Open Air Festival, Barcelona, Spain 

September 21st, Konvent Puntzero, Berga, Spain with Miss Q

September 20th, Miscalenea, Barcelona, Spain with Miss Q

September 19th, Slow, Barcelona, Spain with Miss Q

September 13th, Piwnica Kulturalna,Kwidzyn with EjPiEj

September 12th,Sztum,Poland with EjPiEj

September 11th, Nowy Dwór Gdańsk,Poland, with EjPiEj

September 10th, TBC, Warsaw,Poland

September 6th, Madame Claude, Berlin,Germany with Miss Q 

September 5th Dr, Seltsam, Leipzig,Germany with Miss Q

September 4th, Veranderbar, Dresden,Germany with Miss Q

September 2nd, Loophole, Berlin,Germany with Miss Q

August 8th, Quai des brumes, Montreal,

May 27th, Fringe Festival, Bath, U.K

May 17th, Mr. Wolf, Bristol, UK


May 11th, CDQ,Warsaw, Poland


May 10th, Piwnica Kulturalna,Kwydzin,Poland


May 9th, Bajkonur,Lodz, Poland

May 8th, NCK,Gdansk, Poland

May 5th, Stara Pekarna, Brno, Czech Republic


May 3rd Substanz, Leipzig, Germany


May 2nd, Kulturfabrik, Leipzig, Germany


May 1st, Dr Seltsam, Leipzig Plagwitz, Germany


April 29th, Kulturcafe Lichtung, Cologne, Germany


April 27th, Hafen 2, Offenbach, Germany


April 26th, Café Galao, Stuttgart, Germany


April 25th, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands


April 24th,Grammatikoff, Duisburg, Germany

April 23rd Ma thilda Bar, Berlin, Germany


April 22nd Soupanova, Berlin, Germany


April 19th Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

April 18th Varenderbar, Dresden, Germany


April 16th Tjili Pop, Copenhagen, Denmark


April 12th, Gelgenheiten e.V, Berlin, Germany

April 11th, Ex'n' Pop, Berlin, Germany


April 9th, King Kong Club, Berlin, Germany

April 6th Can Moroig, Inca, Palma, Spain


April 5th Can Moroig, Inca, Palma, Spain


April 3rd,Catwalk event, Mutuo Centro de Arte,Barcelona, Spain

March 29th, Konvent, Berga Spain 


March 23rd, Mutuo Centro de Arte anniversary,Barelona, Spain




August 23rd, Animal liberation demonstration,Montreal


July 10th, Music Factory, Yerevan, Armenia


July 8th, Tom Collins, Yerevan, Armenia


July 3rd, Process, Yerevan, Armenia


June 17th to July 11th, Artist residency,ACSL, Yerevan, Armenia


June 13th, NXNE Festival, Czehoski, Toronto


May 31st and June 1st, Festival Eclectik, MAI,Montreal


May 9th Casa del Popolo 


March 27th Benefit concert for L'Auberge Madeleine,Lion D'or


February 15th at Casa del Popolo with Great deal of Noise

Zénob, Trois-Rivières